Most of the salaried employees might have received a reminder from the HR for submission of proofs of tax saving investments.
House rent allowance (HRA) is an important part where you can save tax for the house rent which you pay if you have a rented house/room.

Following is the format of Rent receipt which needs to be submitted as the proof of rent paid. Copy these formats in a word document and get it signed by your landlord after taking print.

Please do not forget to attach revenue stamp at the mentioned place. Rent receipts can be collected from the nearby post offices.
If your rent exceeds 8300 per month, then you also need to mention the PAN card number of your owner.


(Under Section 1 (13-A) of Income Tax Act)

Received a sum of Rs. ____________________________ (Rupees________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Towards the rent @____________________ per month from ___________________ to __________________ in respect of House No.____________________________ _________________________________________________ situated at ____________

(Affix Revenue Stamp of Rs.1/-)

Date: Signature of the House Owner


Address: _____________________

Doc Formats:

Rental Receipt Format
Rental Receipt Format
New Format that includes the House Owners PAN Card details as needed for people whose rent is above Rs. 8.3K.


Received a sum of Rs. _________ (in words _________________________


From Mr. /Ms/Mrs. ___________________________________________ towards

rent of the premises for the period (From _________________ to _________________)

Address of the House for Which Rent is paid Landlord PAN No.

__________________________ __________________________





Signature of the Landlord